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Il Presidente della IAPB Italia onlus, l'avv. Giuseppe Castronovo (a destra), col Vicepresidente Michele Corcio

Vision rehabilitation presented at SOI congress

On November 29th, 2018 two symposia of the National Centre and IAPB Italy have been held at the 98th Congress of the Italian Society of Ophthalmology From neuroplasticity to neurostimulation,

10th anniversary of the National Centre

On 13th December, doctors and low vision patients spoke about their experiences at the Gemelli Hospital, Rome, Italy: a day of celebration with free eye exams On Thursday 13th December

The Eye of the Mind, experts gather in Rome

A conference on sight prevention and vision rehabilitation for ophthalmologists and orthoptists was held in Rome between 23-24 November 2018 “The Eye of the Mind” is the title of the

National Centre, collaboration with the WHO renewed

The agreement is valid until May 2020: from visual rehabilitation to prevention, to psychological assistance to the visually impaired It is a one of a kind World Health Organization (WHO)

Vision rehabilitation, a worldwide overview

REPORT ON CONSENSUS CONFERENCE PROMOTED IN 2015 BY WHO TOGETHER WITH IAPB AND THE NATIONAL CENTRE WAS PUBLISHED More ophthalmological data, more collaboration between professionals, integrated rehabilitative paths to teach

Visual rehabilitation of patients with Stargardt’s disease

The National Centre and the Ophthalmology Clinic of A. Gemelli polyclinic have completed an in-depth analysis of the retina of visually impaired patients, also studying their reading abilities Consider a